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World Future environmental Hijaukan

Residential city that not only orderly, safe, and beautiful but also has harmonized with the surrounding natural environment is a dream we all residential areas. To realize these dreams, not only have policy and spatial planning and the active role of government and society course. Participation of the private sector, especially large companies, are also important in realizing a sustainable green city.
Industrial wheel rotation is not supported only by the existence of human resources, but also natural resources. From alamlah factories to obtain raw materials to make its products. Along with berkembangan technology, natural resources, such as trees and plants, coal, petroleum, gas, water, soil, and animals that inhabit, in a short time turned into a pile of paper, fuel various machinery, land and plantation agriculture, and food and beverage products to be produced in bulk. Unfortunately, nature is no longer balanced by too much exploited and polluted. When natural disasters more frequent and changes in weather and global warming an issue that began to be feared, a new human being realized to observe the natural environment that diterlantarkannya. All circles in the world began to realize the importance of taking action to prevent, protect, and reduce environmental damage, not to mention kalanganpengusahaN.

PT. Danone Indonesia too many designated for conservation of water resources and forests. Through its website, PT. Danone Indonesia mentions not only involved in watershed conservation activities located in 12 factories in Indonesia, but also actively engaged in reforestation and forest conservation through the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees in protected forest areas, critical lands, and mountains on the island of Java. One part of CSR activities. Danone to resolve problems relating to the provision of clean water is the Program One to Ten, which until now still being conducted. This program aims to provide water storage tanks clean for the people of East Nusa Tenggara that often experience drought.
Starbucks Coffee Indonesia (SCI) is applied more directly, either through products and services produced, store facilities, as well as environmental campaign activities with the community. The strategy taken by SCI is renewable energy (renewable energy), energy conservation (energy conservation), collaboration (collaboration), and advocacy (advocacy). In its website, SCI said that his party seeks to significantly decrease the environmental impact by saving energy and water, reduce waste associated with the use of paper towels, cups, and packaging products, increase recycling activities, and using the concept of green building (green building) on ​​the outlet store-outlets worldwide. SCI's commitment to fight climate change policy advocacy carried out through partnerships with companies and other organizations. SCI is also working with Conservation International to test incentive program of forest conservation in Sumatra, Indonesia, and Chiapas, Mexico, which links to coffee farmers with carbon trading in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

CSR activities undertaken environmental perspective companies above is a bit of action to preserve the nature that must continue to do all stakeholders, including business circles. However the earth that we live in only one. If earth is destroyed, then musnahlah life in it. As the sage said, "When the last tree has been cut down, when the last fish dead, when the last river is polluted, then people will realize that humans can not eat money.

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