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Heavy Equipment For Construction Projects

This book was written by Ir. Susy Fatena Rostiyanti, M.Sc. and published by PT. Rineka reserved. This book has been Very Important to handle the Academics. It is seen with the eye Gave lectures on heavy equipment in Some engineering Majors.

Heavy equipment known in the science of Civil Engineering is a tool to assist Humans Used in doing building a structure. Heavy equipment is an Important factor in the project, especially construction projects with a large scale.

The purpose of the use of heavy equipment is to facilitate people in doing his job so That the expected results be achieved more Easily cans in a Relatively short time. Heavy Equipment Used in kostruksi projects commonly include:
- dozers,
- Digging equipment (excavator) Such as backhoe, front shovel, clamshell;
- Transport equipment Such as loaders, trucks and conveyor belts;
- The ground like a roller compactors and compactor, and others.

Heavy equipment in construction projects has an Important role. Therefore, the understanding of the types of heavy equipment is needed, especially at the planning stage Because of heavy equipment must be selected in accordance with project requirements.

Besides covering the basic theory of heavy equipment, the book Also That explained the factors influence the selection tool, part of the tool, how to work tools, and capability of the device in operation.
Therefore, the operation not only

Formulas, tables, and graphs relating to the calculation of productivity tools are Also discussed. To assist the reader in applying the formula in the calculation, any formula given sample point. (Pus)
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