Senin, 18 April 2011


PT Asuransi Central Asia, or better known as the ACA was established on August 29, 1956. Until now, the ACA has played an integral role within the economic development of Indonesia. Until today, the ACA continued the tradition for more than 53 years contributes to the world of insurance and general insurance, particularly the Indonesian economy.

Our protection is your comfort

In addition to conventional business carried on by the company, ACA has entered into micro insurance with broad distribution network, which is able to reach people through the corners of the archipelago. With lower premiums, the guarantee is simple yet uncertain.

Currently, ACA has had assets of USD 3139 billion, 59 branches and representative offices throughout Indonesia, 1 (one) unit based in Jakarta, sharia, and employs approximately 1,300 people. As of December 2009 of capital owned by ACA reached Rp 2.2 trillion and the value of RBC (Risk Based Capital) 264.47%, far exceeding the minimum limit of 120% according to government regulations.

One of the most significant success of the ACA is to successfully implement the right technology, particularly in distribution and after-sales service products Retail.

In conducting its business, the ACA has sought to create a strong management team and professionals who work based on the principles of good corporate governance.

The company is committed to providing the best protection that is supported by the best service as well. In addition, the ACA continues to strive to become a trusted company and can bring comfort to its customers. This is in accordance with corporate motto "Protection We are Your Convenience."

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